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How much craziness can come out of a online video game Mage Guild that is just trying to bolster their ranks? Ask Evellee, the resident elf and extremely cute guild recruiter, as she deals with the naive thieves guild, the fanboyish mage guild spellmaster, a sneaky catgirl rival, and helping her faerie friend with a language barrier problem that's bigger than she is.

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Apology - Hiatus
Apology - Hiatus

January 31st, 2013, 11:56 pm

February Patch Notes v2.00

Oh yes. Hi there. This might be the first news post you've read! I tend to divvy this up into two sections. The first part here is just general update news. After that is a faux "In-game news" thing I do for laughs.

First off. A big huge THANK YOU to EVERYONE who's helped me on with the comic. I really love making people happy and interested in this comic.

And so... this marks the first day of my attempt at page layout/design for the comic. I'm quite proud to announce that I'm SLOOOOOOWLY learning how to use SmackJeeves' CSS. My basic HTML works good still but I need to tweak what I started with and go from there. It'll improve! It will!

As of 8am on Feb1st (when the 2 files I uploaded post) it will be 1 year since I first released the comic! (yes there's nothing now and I totally understand you probably want to see it... XD But in the words of Heinz Doofenshmirtz: "It's a tradition. And I'm traditional!"
So just check back tomorrow for the update ^_^

-----Dungeons of Triford Online v2.00------
And we're starting a new season in game! What do we have on my list...
Oh that's right, it's v2.0 time. Which was a total overhaul of the game. And that means more BUG HUNTING! Yay.

Well, yes, there were ninja patches along the way from v1.07 and yes I didn't post any patch notes. I asked the new hamsters running the server to take a break and type, but I received a note of cut out newspaper type the other day that says "We're hamsters, we can't type."
And this message would've been nice to... you know.. get back in OCTOBER! Sheesh... I'm sending them to Pyron if they don't straighten up.

Anyway get out there and bug hunt, and feel free to post whatever patch notes you find!
Hey, half the fun of not knowing what I changed in the game is finding out! Think of it like a scavenger hunt. And anything that seems bugged, probably is, and is worth double points towards a big tiered scavenger hunt quest. So get moving and post whatever you find!

What, you say I did this quest before? Double the rewards from last time then. Get movin!

--Dev. Thiridian

October 11th, 2012, 2:32 am

October Patch Notes v1.07

Well this last month wasn't too fun @_@;. I admit this design class is a TON better than the one I took from my old college 10 years ago. I'm actually learning something XD. Gouache is ... well... it's really not as bad as I thought it was. It's still a pain to clean up though, and I spend a lot of time just practicing... But anyway. I'm getting more confident at my Gouache work. It was piling up a good bit to start... and honestly I was worried I would have to take a break from this comic. :(
I felt that Evellee and the others deserved more effort on my part. So after a small break of a week, I'm back in action. I just will be going 7-10 days per update. Maybe sooner if I can!!
So that, a hurricane Issac, a BIOS chip flash. The BIOS flash it actually went well, but my wacom monitor doesn't support something weird about DOS so I thought I fried my computer for a few days! Luckily my friend let me borrow his monitor to check on it. I was terrified for a while there. @_@
Then we had the 7 hour marathon after work, of schoolwork, only to end with the internet going out at the last minute and me cussing and complaining and waking my roommates up across the house.
And the other day a fly landed in my gouache paint tray... damn insect art critics...

-----Dungeons of Triford Online v1.07------
To all of you who have noticed the ninja'ed patches for July, August, and September, bravo on being completely wrong. Because I haven't added ANYTHING for new patch content in the last few months, and you're just trying to hose the forums for credibility. Congrats on looking like a bunch of boneheads.

Yes right now. I JUST patched the game.

New hair color in the store.


Haha You thought that was it? Okay, patch hunters... go find what I really patched! I'll give a nice bonus to the person who finds the most!

Really. They're out there! :) Go find 'em!!

Have fun!

--Dev. Thiridian

July 5th, 2012, 12:06 am

July Patch Notes v1.06

The internet has been majorly sucky today. Crazy long upload times, lotsa downtimes. Blah blah. T_T
I have plans to include some other characters as guest cameos. I will have to note a couple things as I go, since I don't want it to seem like I'm overflowing the comic with characters. Really, the only recurring permanent ones are currently Evellee, Wendy, Yukai, Laris, Pyron, and Butch. I have a few more planned but that'll come later.

Also I was playing with Colors 3D on the 3DS the last few days. I got some art of Evellee done on it! ^_^
It's here:
If you have a 3DS you can go on it to see them in cheap 3D ^_^;.

-----Dungeons of Triford Online v1.06------
Bug fixes, bug fixes, bug fixes... Ok, I'm seeing to it that we aren't hiring these bugs to fix anything anymore. Stupid cockroaches are being overpaid by the upper management, and all they're doing is eating the morning donuts and rummaging through the trash cans all day.

People are complaining they don't know how to dodge enemy attacks.
I will explain. "Avoid the pointy things. Use your arrow keys and move!" And no, we're not making the enemies easier to kill. So grow some cajones already and learn to dodge, fool.

Hybrid characters can be now adjusted to your likings based on your simulated parents. Half elf? Half dwarf? Half fish? Whatever. Have fun. Just don't do anything that can get us banned, okay?

If you are on the roleplaying server, do us a favor and show the munchkins on the how to friggin type complete sentences. We will award anyone successful in this with a week's extra game time and some other random goodies.

On behalf of the development team of Dungeons of Triford Online, we love to hear your feedback. We thrive on it, especially the juicy rants and flames. We want to make sure people are equally happy and unhappy to keep the game 'interesting'. :D

Keep fighting the good fight and thanks for supporting us!
--Dev. Thiridian

June 12th, 2012, 2:48 am

June Patch Notes v1.05

Well this month hasn't been productive so far. No more online classs till fall, but work's still been pretty lame. No news there though.
Motivation on and off, a big joke needing to be changed threw me into a whole new level of personal doubt. I'm just glad I had friends and support to help me pull my act together and keep me from producing a huge failure of a strip for #22.

-----Dungeons of Triford Online v1.05------

Our programming computers run on hamsters... And in a bizarre turn of events, we retired the old hamsters to shut down a potential hamster strike. They squeaked that they wanted cheese, and we said "You need hamster food, not cheese." So we ordered new ones that can't communicate properly with each other so they won't form a union against us.

Some enemies are now equipped with the "givadam" meter to help determine how close you can be to them while they're going about their everyday lives before they finally attack you. This feature looks like a lot of fun and hopefully we can add some specialized rare enemies with an achievement to monitor one for 4 hours without them noticing you.

New ability: mousetraps for Trap master subclass, no explanation needed.
Origami ability for monk class. Mostly non-combat but I'm sure someone will figure out a way to abuse it. To that I say, "have fun".

A hundred kajillion thanks for the continued support of Dungeons of Triford Online!
--Dev. Thiridian

May 3rd, 2012, 3:10 am

May Patch Notes v1.04

Well this last month was a lot less productive. I'm not giving up though. I'll be getting more time once my online classes are done, and my work eases up a little on the overtime.

-----Dungeons of Triford Online v1.04------
We are bringing back, for one day only each year, all of the graphical bugs that make for some hilarious screenshots. We'll keep you posted.

New in the character creation tables: Gravity Magic. New Summons for Summoner types. And a new category of support magic spells for daily, around-the-castle chores.

Axes were being strangle labeled in the 'smashing' damage category. This has been adjusted so now you may swing an axe sideways to deliver smashing damage, or regularly for slashing damage.

Holding a spear with the wrong end pointed towards an enemy 5 levels higher than you now officially grants you the achievement and title "MORON" and revokes any use of the "Restore Life" ability to be used on you for 2 hours so you can think about changing hobbies.

That's it for this patch. Have fun, players! And thanks for supporting us!
--Dev. Thiridian

April 1st, 2012, 7:48 pm

April Patch Notes v1.03

I slowed down a bit this month, had some work issues to deal with. I haven't missed the 4-7 day limit though ^_^.

Anyway, patch notes for comical enjoyment. No 'real' news beyond this point, it's just a random BLAH of musings and randomness like what you would find in MMO patch notes.

-----Dungeons of Triford Online v1.03------

Summoned pets and familiars are now unable to be eaten by their owners AND other players; especially without their owner's permission. There's a 'create food' spell, people. Use it.

New dungeon going up in the east. Details to follow within a month or so when we actually find a new hamster & wheel to power the 3D game making computer. Expect llamas, and lots of them.

EXP curve adjustments will be made within a few weeks so that newer players don't need to continually beat on the mild forest critters for hours before being able to venture to the Lv7 Lake Tuna-Feesh dungeon.

Random bug fixes... ones that I haven't had the opportunity to laugh at. QQ...

More info to come in the next patch! Thanks for supporting us!
--Dev. Thiridian

March 1st, 2012, 2:37 am

1 Month in - Level up!

Haha, it's already been a month in. I really didn't think I could ever keep up something like this. I've never set a real goal like this and worked towards it before so this is quite an achievement. I never really set out to have a "Oh I need X hits. or X favorites or X fans." It's nice, but I'm doing this for fun and to train myself to come up with new material, miniature plots, etc, as well as keep to a schedule. A good challenge. ^_^

I'm not sure who all is reading this random comic I've working on, but if you're enjoying it: Awesome! and I hope that the other comics to come will be to your liking as well.

And here's to many more months!

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